Product Results

Sometimes if you search for a product, Google may return product boxes with more information about your search. To retrieve this information you can use the product_results property of the API response.

Product Results JSON
                'product_results': {
                    'title': 'String - The title of the product',
                    'reviews': 'Integer - Number of reviews',
                    'rating': 'Double - The average rating of the reviews',
                    'description': 'String - Description of the product.',
                    'manufacturer': {
                        'link': 'String - Link to the manufacturer',
                        'name': 'String - Name of the manufacturer'
                    'user_reviews': {
                        'popular_questions': 'Array - List of string with popular questions for the product'
Product Results examples

Results For q:"huawei p30"

Product Results example
GET external-link
Code to integrate
Json Example external-link
    "product_results": {
        "title": "Huawei P30 lite",
        "reviews": 6,
        "rating": 4.6,
        "description": "Discover a new and better way to capture the world with the incredible Huawei P30 lite Dual-SIM Mobile Phone. It is crafted with outstanding attention to detail and is a delight to behold.",
        "manufacturer": {
        "link": "",
        "name": ""
        "user_reviews": {
        "popular_questions": [
            "Show all reviews",
            "Is it user friendly?",
            "How long does the battery last?",
            "How is the weight of this phone?",
            "Can this phone handle drops?",
            "Do I need to buy a case?"