Spell Check

If you misspell your query term for a google search, google will show you a message. Information regarding misspelled queries can be found in the search_information property

Spell Check JSON
                'search_information': {
                    'organic_results_state': 'String - The state of the results',
                    'total_results': 'Integer - The total number of results',
                    'time_taken_displayed': 'Double - Time in seconds displayed by google to show the results',
                    'query_displayed': 'String - The query displayed',
                    'showing_results_for': 'String - The query that the results are from',
                    'spelling_fix': 'String - Spelling fix recommendation from google'
Spell Check examples

Results For q:"yoggurt"

Spell Check example
GET external-link
Code to integrate
Json Example external-link
    "search_information": {
        "organic_results_state": "Some results for exact spelling but showing fixed spelling",
        "total_results": 159000000,
        "time_taken_displayed": 0.83,
        "query_displayed": "yoggurt",
        "showing_results_for": "yogurt",
        "spelling_fix": "yogurt"